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Culinary and F&B positions

Culinary internshipViše o Internship i Training programu pročitaj OVDE

Murphy Family Venture in Wallace, NC recruiting for 2 Culinary participants. Trainee program start in period from 15.12.2016. till 31.12.2016.

Position description: F&B Trainee- Front of House Operations, In Room Dining, Banquet/Event Server, Banquet Operations

Rate of pay: $7.25 – $9.50 per hour ($4.50 per hr incl. an average of $80-$90 tips per shift. Participants guaranteed $7.25 minimum wage per hr. $9.50 per hr for non-tipped F&B positions.)

None required qualifications

W Austin – will begin recruitment for Culinary and F&B positions. Recruitment start soon.

Kalahari Resorts – will begin recruitment for 2017 shortly.

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